Frequently Asked Questions!

If there's a question that you'd like to frequently ask, go ahead and message me via the Contact page!



Do you do custom hoops?

Yes! I can do a character or person of your choosing using this listing

A quote, lyric or phrase using this listing

2 people in one hoop using this listing

even a map of an important place in your life using this listing

each listing includes examples so you'll know what you're getting!


What if I want something about my relationship or family? Does it have to be fandom?

Absolutely not! I've done multiple couples and families! I can even recreate a specific photo! It's completely whatever you want!

a couple in one hoop together a couple in 1 hoop


What will you ask for when I request a custom?

If it's a character from something or a celebrity, I'll usually be able to find a picture that will work for me, as I try to use a 3/4 profile of their face. If it's a person that only you know, I'll ask for the picture that you're trying to recreate.

If it's a quote, we'll talk about font choices and thread colors!

I'll always send you a copy of the design before I get started to get your approval!



When will my hoop(s) ship?

I try and get them shipped before 2 weeks have passed from your order, but it always depends on how many orders are ahead of you!

If you ever need to know more specifically or need to make a priority order, just let me know.


How long will shipping take?

Of course it depends on where you live! I'm shipping from Alberta, Canada and the shipping options at check out will help make a better estimate!

I've eliminated the shipping by surface (boat) option for overseas orders because there's a higher likelihood of the order getting lost.


Canadian shipping is so expensive! Do you have any alternatives?

I do, actually! So if you're ordering 1 hoop, it's possible for me to send it as an oversized letter - you wouldn't get any tracking on this, as you would for any order sent as a package within Canada, but it's a cheaper option for sure!

If you're ordering more than one hoop, to send 2 oversized letters would be a comparable price to just sending it as a package.

More than 1 hoop is too large for the oversize category.


What if I live in and around Red Deer, Alberta?

Howdy, neighbor! I offer local delivery and if you're eligible, you should see it as an option after you enter your postal code.


What if my order gets lost in the mail?

If your order gets lost (which, to this day, has yet to happen, fingers crossed), I am happy to make a new one and send it again, free of charge - I do ask that you wait at least 2-3 months for it to potentially show up, though. Re-doing an embroidery is a lot of work!



Can I return or cancel my order?

You can absolutely cancel your order if you're getting a regular design that I make all the time.

If you've ordered a custom, you're free to cancel before I've put needle to canvas! I'm happy to refund shipping and the purchase of any hoops that I haven't started, but if I can't re-use the canvas, I can't refund the cost of the hoop! Sorry!

You're also free to return an order if it's a normal design, but shipping back will not be covered by me! Maybe try and give or sell it to a friend who would like it instead!

Customs are not able to be returned.



What's your favorite movie?

Thanks for asking. It's Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian.