In February 2015, a young 19 year old girl was in theatre school and was cast as Kitty Bennet in a little ditty called Pride and Prejudice.

While on stage in the background, the various Bennet sisters would all be making cross stitches. There was, however, only one cross stitch. And so instead of each sister doing their own hoop, they all collaborated on making this one cross stitched gnome.

They swiftly ran out of thread and were forced to meticulously unthread the gnome. Just to re-make the gnome. They were on stage in the background a lot.

And thus began the girl's secret fascination with cross stitching.

5 years later, in February of 2020, she decided that she was going to try doing it for realzies. And perhaps make something other than a gnome. She was so happy to see that the materials needed for cross stitching and embroidery were so easily accessible.

She decided that for her first embroidery, she would make the iconic Toni Topaz from Riverdale - as a birthday present to her friend, Casey!

Then, the unthinkable occurred. A worldwide plague hit the small, insignificant town that she was living in: Vancouver, British Columbia.

She thought: hmmm what will I fill my time with?

And also: I want to make a million of these but I don't have enough room on my walls / in my drawers?


And the big kicker? That girl... was me.

Robyn backstage in Pride and Prejudice